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FAQ - Perguntas frequentemente feitas

1. When will the beta run?

-It was scheduled Aug 9th - Aug 23rd.

2. Will the end date change?

-Yes. Currently, the CBT will run for two weeks from when it begins. If this changes, we will inform players.

3. What about the contests?

-They will begin when the closed beta test resumes and run for the full length.

4. Why was the game not up on the 9th?

-We ran the beta for nearly two hours before discovering a critical bug and closed the servers. Finding these sorts of problems is exactly why we run CBT!

5. What are you doing to fix the problem?

-We have identified the problem and reported it to the developers. Now we must wait for them to fix it.

6. Why did you let so many people log in, it broke everything!

-The number of log ins did not damage the server. It was exactly the opposite situation: it helped us find the error.

7. Where can I find more info?

-Keep following Facebook, Twitter, and the official site. When we have an estimate, we will let the players know as soon as possible.

8. Is there an estimated time (ETA) when the beta will return?


9. Ahhhh why are you on Facebook and not fixing something?!

-The team responsible for Twitter and FB don't fix servers, silly.

10. Are you REALLY waiting for 20k fans?

-No, the number of followers has no effect on when the game will launch. When the bug is fixed, we'll have the game running whether we have 20 fans or 20k. As we promised, we'll have at least one guaranteed EXP boost if we hit 20k, another at 40k, plus we're looking at ideas for another Facebook contest.

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